Single Mom Teaches Daughters Lifelong Lessons

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Being a single mom is challenging. I have a full-time job, and I want to spend quality time with my two girls while balancing work, school and other activities, all while sharing custody with their dad.

I have my girls every other weekend. It’s important to capitalize on active experiences my girls and I can share that create memories and family bonding opportunities.

It’s also important to teach my girls the value of personal relationships, placing people and experiences above things, and finding ways to challenge ourselves for personal growth.

We visited Fritz’s Adventure shortly after it opened. It appealed to my girls on so many levels. They loved getting to climb, crawl and explore.

My girls were excited to try the ropes course, zipline and climbing wall. We loved getting to explore the airplane, shipping containers and slides. Fritz’s is a place where I can play and explore alongside my kids. They think it’s cool to see me crawling around beside them!

On another trip to Fritz’s, the tables turned and the girls became my support system.

I’m terrified of heights. If I’m going to encourage my girls to take risks and challenges, I have to be a good example.

My girls encouraged me and stayed with me while I conquered my fear of the ropes course and the zipline. They were proud of me.

That continued at the climbing wall. I had never done anything like that before, always fearful I wouldn’t get to the top and ring the bell. Of course, my girls flew up the ladders and loved rappelling back to the ground.

My legs were wobbly the whole climb, but I made it to the top. I didn’t want to let go, so I started climbing down. I could hear my girls cheering me on from the ground, encouraging me to just let go.

With their support, I did it! From then on, I enjoyed the ropes course, zipline and climbing wall with them, and with a confidence I’ve never had before.

As a mom to girls, it’s important for them to have responsibility and leadership roles. We support and encourage each other and we’re brave enough to take risks in life.

Fritz’s is a fun, active experience, and it has allowed my girls and I to have conversations about life that transcend physical activity.

It has allowed my kids and I to talk about encouragement, leadership, bravery, and risk taking. I can talk with my kids about those skills, but it’s more effective when we experience things that demonstrate those qualities. Some are great for the moment, and some are lifelong lessons we’ve learned together.

Thank you, Fritz’s Adventure, for providing an incredible opportunity for families!

“This is My Story” by Melinda Novik


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