Family Roadmap to the Best Mini Golf Courses in Branson, MO

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You could spend your entire vacation visiting the countless mini golf courses in Branson, MO. (We hear there’s upwards of 50 or more!)

Get creative and hold a tournament through all the venues or keep it simple and just visit a few. Regardless of how your family does it, let Fritz’s tell you about the best courses in Branson!


Coral Reef Mini Golf
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: Ocean fun
Features: Indoors, table games (air hockey, foosball, etc.), and a great selfie spot
Directions to Coral Reef Mini Golf


Native Hut Mini Golf
Course: 18-holes
Theme: Polynesian
Attached Attractions: Cakes-n-Creams 50’s Diner
Directions to Native Hut


Brookside Mini Golf
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: Relaxing green scape
Directions to Brookside Golf


Greatest Adventures Mini Golf
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: Medieval, Castle, Dragons
Attached Attractions: Scooters Sports Grill
**HINT: Scooters has an amazing Reuben sandwich and famous “Dragon Eggs” (stuffed/fried jalapeno peppers)
Directions to Greatest Adventures Mini Golf


World of Wizards Mini Golf
Theme: Wizards, Elves, Faeries
Features: Indoor, Blacklight, and a retro arcade
Directions to World of Wizards Mini Golf


Pirates Cove
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: Pirates
Features: An exceptionally clean well-kept course with incredible theme elements
Directions to Pirates Cove


Dinosaur Canyon
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: 1930’s explorer who rediscovers dinosaurs
Features: Volcano with real fire
Directions to Dinosaur Canyon


Grand Country
Course: Three total courses of varying themes and holes
Attached Attractions: Papa Grands Pizza
Directions to Grand Country

Grand Country’s Course One: Indoor Golf
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: Calming indoor course with water features and lush landscapes
Features: Indoors, rivers, waterfalls, and a thunderstorm every 30 minutes

Grand Country’s Course Two: Black Light Mini Golf
Course: 18-holes
Theme: Blacklight river town
Features: Indoors, Blacklight, riverboats, and fishing

Grand Country’s Course Three: Farm Mini Golf
Course: 18-holes
Theme: Farm animals
Features: Outdoors, animatronic movements, and sounds


Lost Treasure Golf Course
Course: Two total 18-hole courses
Theme: 1920’s explorer crash lands airplane in South America
Features: A mining train that takes you to the first hole
Directions to Lost Treasure Golf Course


Hollywood Shoot for the Stars
Course: 18-holes
Theme: Hollywood! Each hole is a step on your career as a movie star!
Features: Palm trees, Walk of Fame, and Paparazzi
Attached Attractions: Hollywood Wax Museum
Directions to Hollywood Shoot For The Stars


What are you waiting for?!

There’s never been a better time to take your family for a day on the greens… even if they’re all shrunk to kid-sized. Put you putting to the test at the most fun mini golf courses Branson has to offer.

Have fun putting!

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