One Small Thing Can Change Everything

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Hi, my name is Hadassah, but everyone calls me Haddie. You may not know me, but I’d like to take you on a journey about my story.

First, let me give you some background. I was born in northern Michigan to Christian parents. When I was three, we moved to Missouri. There are seven kids in my family and I’m number five. I have four older brothers and two younger sisters, and I love them all very much.

I clearly remember my first visit to Fritz’s Adventure. It was August 2017, and it was the first time in life someone who wasn’t in my family encouraged me in any way.

Think about that for a second. At 15 years old, no person outside my family had ever given me words of encouragement. Now think about how common that may be for others. Or think about how common it may be for you to not actively encourage others throughout the day.

In December 2018 my mom, sisters, and I purchased season passes to Fritz’s Adventure for the 2019 calendar year. This is where my story really starts.

At Fritz’s, the team members always engaged with me and my sisters. They’d ask about our favorite things, what we like to do, and eventually knew us by name since we came so often.

One team member, Brandon, always encouraged us regardless of the activity. I vividly remember one time when Brandon was at the zipline on the third level of the ropes course. It was a slower day in February and my youngest sister was trying to conquer the first level and get to the zipline. But she was scared.

Brandon immediately took action. He went to the first level, got her through it, and then got her up to the zipline in less than 10 minutes. My other sister and I had tried to get her up there several times before with no luck, but Brandon did it with no problem.

Seeing how he cared enough to encourage and help her made a huge impact on me. I wanted to encourage others the same way so I applied to work at Fritz’s. A little later, I was hired.

I love every moment I’ve had at Fritz’s, and I love everyone who has been a part of the Fritz’s family at one point or another.

Fast forward to today. It’s been three years since I started and I live every day with the question, “Am I encouraging people like Brandon did?”

I’m going to leave you with a challenge in the form of a question: “Are you willing to help someone by stepping out of your comfort zone to hopefully change their life?”

And remember, one small thing can change everything. It did for me, and it can do the same for you.

With encouragement,


“This Is My Story” by Haddie Bauer