Mom Decides to Stop Spending Life Watching from the Sidelines

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I spent much of my life watching from the sidelines because I was overweight.

Even after having kids it spiraled out of control. I was never able to fully participate in fun outings.

I finally decided it wasn’t worth it. In January 2019 I started my journey and lost 86 pounds!

My kids had always wanted to go to Fritz’s, but I always made excuses because of my weight. That changed in January 2020.

We came to Fritz’s, and I can’t even put into words how amazing it was to share that experience WITH my kids. I didn’t have to sit and watch. I participated.

As cheesy as it sounds, I cried when the day was complete knowing that just a year earlier, I couldn’t have done it.

Now, any time my oldest son says anything about “when Mom and I played at Fritz’s,” I smile every time knowing the memories will last a lifetime.

It wasn’t just him playing. I was right beside him!

“This is My Story” by Heather Nebel



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