Crazy Fun Branson Date Ideas

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It’s time to take your dating game up a notch.

Branson isn’t just about live entertainment and family fun. It’s also about romance. Reconnect, unwind, or just have a good old time with your favorite person. Branson offers fun date ideas for couples of all interests.

What are you waiting for? Grab that special person in your life and plan your next date now!



Let’s adventure. Try out a new activity or experience an old favorite that gets your blood pumping. There’s always something amazing that happens when you have fun together and an activity is the perfect way to start.

Branson Helicopter Tours

See the sights from the top. And we mean from the very top! Book a helicopter tour and experience a bird’s eye view of Branson. Ranging from Table Rock Lake to Lake Taneycomo and everything that lay between, there are different flight options available to suit your interests. Even better, you can opt to create your own custom flight.

Horseback Riding at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

This next activity isn’t your average dog and pony show. It’s horseback riding through the beautiful 10,000-acre paradise that is Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. You don’t need any horseback riding experience to discover the park. Simply sign up, meet the horses, and get riding through the Ozarks just like the early settlers.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Let’s check something off the bucket list. Up the romance factor and book a ride on the Branson Balloon. It’s a whole new way to see Branson and has both sunrise and sunset reservations available. There’s a peaceful feeling that comes with floating among the clouds over the rolling Ozark mountains. It’s something you won’t forget and you’ll be glad you did it together.

Ziplining at Fritz’s Adventure

Fritz’s Adventure offers a variety of fun-filled activities for an action-packed experience. The highlight, though, are the ziplines. Feel the adrenaline on the world’s first indoor/outdoor TreeTops zipline course as you tackle 45 obstacles, including 17 ziplines, 8 suspension bridges, 2 free falls, and a crow’s nest with a view for miles. After finding love on the ziplines, explore the rest of the activities with your all-day ticket. You can zip, climb, tunnel, jump, run, slide, rappel, and more over and over again together.

Ride the Ferris Wheel

Need to fit a little romance into your schedule, but don’t actually have time for a full-out date night? The answer is easy. Take a quick spin on the Branson Ferris wheel located on Highway 76 with views of the surrounding city. Even better, take that spin at night. When the sun goes down, the lights come on, and the entire Ferris wheel is illuminated by over 144,000 lights.

Branson Boardgame Café

Reconnect with a little friendly competition. With over 1,000 games to choose from, the Branson Boardgame Café is a sure way to raise the stakes of any date. Whether the game is a childhood favorite or something you’ve never played before, you’ll have fun while competing for bragging rights.



Let’s get a drink. It’s time to relax and unwind with your date while enjoying an ice-cold beverage. Branson has got it all and then some. If you don’t drink alcohol, check out The Best Local Coffee Shops Near Branson, MO for a different kind of beverage and your next cute coffee date.

Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery

A place with something for everyone. Enjoy wine, beer, pizza, and an assortment of small bites at Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewery. Locally owned and operated, this winery and small batch brewery is located only a few miles north of Branson.

Turkey Creek Brewery

An ode to the Ozarks, Turkey Creek Brewery is a brewpub with all those comfort food and drink favorites. Dubbed “A place where friends gather,” you’ll be ready to do just that as you sit back and taste a selection of local ingredients blended with classic midwestern hospitality.

Ozarks Hills Winery

There’s a story in every glass; what will yours be? Grab your special someone and discover the entire collection of signature wines available at the Ozarks Hills Winery. Sweet, fruity, and aroma-full won’t be just adjectives used to describe the wine either. Create new memories and reconnect with a free tour or private tasting.

Smith Creek Moonshine

The proof is in the proof. Make this a date night to remember (or not) with a stop at Smith Creek Moonshine. They offer twelve unique flavors ranging from sweet tea and apple pie all the way to cinnamon and butter cake. That’s 12 ways to shine and make like Ozarks moonshiner brewing in the mountains.



The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. There’s a reason why any classic date revolves around mealtime. Lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast is the perfect excuse to pull someone aside and spend quality time together. Do just that and make your meal special with an amazing place to eat. Locals Love These Place to Eat in Branson and you will too.

Trying to really make this a date to truly remember? Turn up the dial with any of the following for an upscale option:



Golden hour is the best hour. Soak up the day’s last rays as the sun disappears below the horizon. It’s amazing how something that happens every day can still feel so special.

Branson Scenic Overlook

Located above Lake Taneycomo, the Branson Scenic Overlook is the perfect place to park and watch as the sun sets and the shadows roll over the Ozark Mountains.

Table Rock Lake

Watch as the sun meets the water. Table Rock Lake is a beautiful place to catch the sunset, especially during the summer. With so much waterfront, the options of where to set up are endless:

Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower

Enjoy the view from the top. The 230-foot-tall structure named the Inspiration Tower is the highest point in southwest Missouri and an incredible site to see for miles.


Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or it’s your first date, there are endless date ideas in Branson. Pick an activity, restaurant, or other outing that is as unique as your relationship and have some fun.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for a date!

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