77-Year-Old Grandmother Tries New Things and Creates Forever Memories with Her Family

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I recently had the most wonderful day at Fritz’s Adventure!

I’m 77-years-old, but that’s just a number. I feel happy and blessed because not only was I able to bring my grandchildren to Fritz’s, but I, too, participated and enjoyed so much fun.

I zipped across the ziplines as high as 50 feet above ground, scaled the 48-foot climbing wall, and I even crawled through the underground tunnels.

Fritz’s Adventure is truly a place where the entire family can adventure together. There are activities for every age, ranging from toddlers to teenagers to adults to “mature” adults!

Don’t let age stop you from enjoying life and trying new things. Have fun with your kids and grandchildren. Create memories they’ll treasure forever.

Yes, after playing at Fritz’s you might be a little sore for a few days, but the soreness will soon go away and be forgotten. The memories you create with your loved ones won’t.

I created forever memories with my grandchildren at Fritz’s. I encourage you to participate with your loved ones and do the same!

“This is My Story” by Ellinder Murray

Fritz’s Adventure offers fun-filled activities for every age so the entire family can enjoy an action-packed experience.

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