Family Conquers Fears Together while Focusing on Faith, Honesty, and Respect

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As a single mom, I face many challenges. The biggest is trying to teach my three girls about faith, honesty and respect.

Our family goes to Fritz’s Adventure a lot. I use Fritz’s as a reward system for my girls. For example, if they do their chores for the week, we spend the weekend together at Fritz’s! It’s a great way to invest time together and grow closer as a family.

My 14-year-old twin girls really look up to a lot of the workers at Fritz’s. When we first started going, I didn’t think my girls would enjoy it. I was wrong! They love everything about Fritz’s. We’re able to conquer our fears together in a welcoming and supportive environment.

“Dara and the girls are incredible,” said Fritz’s Adventure team member Claudio Galbraith. “I look forward to their visits because of their wonderful personalities.”

“These guests are like family to us,” said Fritz’s Adventure Chief Marketing Officer John Vaughn. “Dara and her three children put smiles on our faces any time they walk into the building!”

“This is My Story” by Dara Smith


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