Enjoy over 80,000 square feet of explorable space!

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Fritz's Attractions

Families want to find a fun activity everyone can do together. Fritz’s Adventure offers activities for every age so the entire family can enjoy a unique experience.

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Extreme Slides


Aerial Bridges

Subterranean Tunnels & Hidden Passages

Massive Water Tower

Scalable City Wall and Utility Poles

Shipping Container Maze

Warped Walls

Tree Houses

Laser Maze

Fritz’s Forest Kid’s Area

Fritz's Attractions

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Fritz’s TreeTops Course

Get fully trained in ground school before making your way to one of four exhilarating indoor routes, each varying in height. Your heart will race as you tackle 32 obstacles, including 11 ziplines and 2 death-defying free falls. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The TreeTops course has a minimum height requirement of 55″ for guests to participate on their own. Anyone who is at least 48″ is allowed to participate with a paid guest chaperone who is 16+. WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The weight maximum for TreeTops is 285 lbs. and the weight minimum is 44 lbs.

Sky Trail Ropes Course

This gigantic 4-story ropes course allows you to go big… really big. Experience 40 different paths of varying obstacles. You can balance on a tight rope, test your skill on the rolling log, and more. There are an infinite number of self-led quests to be discovered and conquered. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sky Trail has a minimum height requirement of 48″ for guests to participate on their own. Anyone who is at least 42” is allowed to do Sky Trail with a paid guest chaperone who is 16+. WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The weight maximum for Sky Trail is 300 lbs.

Sky Tykes Ropes Course

Similar to the adult ropes course, but specifically designed for our smallest adventurers. Mom or dad can walk alongside to experience pure amazement and joy as their child conquers his or her fear while developing courage. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The Sky Tykes course has a maximum height requirement of 48″. WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The weight maximum for Sky Tykes is 300 lbs. 

The X-Speleo

An all steel, supersized version of a speleo box. Enter through the ringed portal and explore over 340 feet of tunnels or take a detour and sneak out to explore the massive Fritz’s water tower.

Airworthy Airplane

Suspended 1959 Twin Beech airplane, also known as the Beechcraft Super 18, with functioning flaps and rudder pedals. You’ll feel like you’re actually flying as you listen to instructions from air traffic control.

Extreme Slides

Five slides ranging in size and shape. These include an enormous 32-foot spiral slide sure to make you dizzy and the ultra-fast slide known as The Chute.

Aerial Bridges

Traverse all of Fritz’s high in the air as you carefully navigate suspended bridges, enclosed steel cages, and cable high wires that connect you to all of the activities throughout Fritz’s.

Underground Tunnels

Two series of buried tunnels with entrances and exits, portals to the overworld, and secret passages waiting to be discovered.

Massive Water Tower

A full-sized, real-life water tower that has been repurposed for human exploration. The massive tower comes complete with spiral steel stairs, chain ladders, climbing nets, and bridge connections to transport you to your next adventure. Make sure to get all the way to the top and check out the spy holes!

Fritz’s City Wall

Scale the outside of our 48-foot indoor, urban landscape. Climb up the fire escape and over boarded windows, using window sills and downspouts as footholds. And all this while harnessed using industry leading, auto-belay technology. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: City Wall has a minimum height requirement of 48″ for guests to participate on their own. Anyone who is at least 42” is allowed to do City Wall with a paid guest chaperone who is 16+. WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: The weight maximum for City Wall is 300 lbs.

Utility Poles

Two colossal 40-foot-tall utility poles taken straight from servicing the electrical grid. You can climb all the way to the top and actually touch the transformers.

Warped Walls

Discover your inner ninja warrior by conquering one of the three warped walls. The 7-foot wall is for beginners, the 12-foot wall is for intermediate, and the 14-foot Mammoth is for advanced. Try the Mammoth if you dare!

Tree Houses

Connected by rope bridges, there are three vertical climbing tree houses reminiscent of Swiss Family Robinson. The tree houses are connected by rope bridges, log ladders, and secret passageways. Climb through the webbed labyrinth to reach the pinnacle and see a bird’s-eye view of the ropes course.

Half Pipe

This is the preliminary testing ground to see if you have what it takes to conquer The Pit and its three warped walls.

Laser Maze

Mission Impossible… Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat challenges for every skill level. Either avoid the lasers and capture the objectives or go all out for 40 seconds and annihilate every laser that gets in your way.

Shipping Containers

Three stories of mazes, tunnels, and hidden passageways waiting to be explored. You’ll be secretly transported to previously unseen areas of Fritz’s.

Fritz’s Forest

Artificial grass area designed for the youngest adventurers. Climb through tree house tunnels and on top of tree stumps to help you “avoid the lava.”

Cement Mixer

The partially buried concrete mixer drum is a parkour lover’s dream. If you’re really adventurous, find the small emergency access to gain entry to Fritz’s underground.

Find Fritz Scavenger Hunt

Locate and decipher all of the hidden clues on this scavenger hunt around the building to uncover the secret!

“There is lots to do for all ages and a ton of options! The service here is great and the staff is extremely nice!”
- 5-Star TripAdvisor Review from 680faithl

“Every year it gets better and better because they keep adding new, fun adventures!”
- 5-Star TripAdvisor Review from Christy S.

“My whole family loves Fritz’s! There’s something for all of us age 2-45!”
- 5-Star TripAdvisor Review from Mandy B.